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Air France Concorde Crash

On Wed July 25th an Air France Concorde, F-BTSC, crashed with the loss of everyone onboard. May I extend my sympathies to all those involved both onboard and on the ground.

The picture shown above is a low-res scan of the front page of the UK Mirror Newspaper for Thursday 27th July, Taken from another website.

For more details of what happend look at the accident page or for more details on the aircraft involved please go to it's home page.

This is first Concorde site on the 'net to bring together all the information on the world's most famous aeroplane into one place. Here you can find out details on all 20 aircraft that were built including the 12 that still fly today.

Have a look inside Concorde and read all about the history of the world's first and only Supersonic Transport aircraft in words and pictures spaning over 30 years. The Inside section lets you explore the inner workings of Concorde interactively through a cutaway diagram and associated pictures.

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Air France Concorde

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