Rollout of Concorde 002 - G-BSST
19th September 1968

BAC Picture

BAC Picture

Picture of 01 : G-AXDN
Nearly a year after the rollout of the French prototype F-WTSS, the British prototype Registered as G-BSSTand known as Concorde 002 (the first aircraft assembled in Britain) was rolled out from the so-called Brabazon hangar at the British Aircraft Corporation's plant at Filton, Bristol.

The aircraft was fully painted and looked like it could possibly fly within the next few weeks, although in reality many months of ground testing lay ahead before her first flight.

Also visible in the Brabazon hangar, nearing completion was the first pre-production aircraft Concorde 01. Registered as G-AXDN the aircraft incorporated modifications from the prototype aircraft, these being a new "droop-snoot" nose, a fully transparent visor and a lengthened fuselage from the original 184 feet to 193 feet, although the production type aircraft would be lengthened still to 204 feet.